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Students taking part in the Open Justice app project are organised into teams of five members. Each team has their own micro-site, which they are free to customise as they identify features that they would like to add. Your micro-site is used by the Open Justice app to display the content that your team creates.

When you join an Open Justice app team, you will be allocated a team name and a user name, for example “team1” and “t1user1”. You will also be given a password.

The team name is used to identify your micro-site. To use it to log into the site as an editor, you need to enter a web address in the following format:


for example team1.ojapp.org.uk/wp-login.php.

This will take you to a page like this, where you can enter your username and password:

When you have successfully logged in you will see the following dashboard:

You are free to browse around all of the links and sections of this administration view, but note that not all of the features available are necessary (or even relevant !) to create your team app. The most important links are Media, Pages and Decision Trees and how to use these is described in other parts of this guidance material. You may also find some useful options in the Appearance and Profile sections although changing settings in these can dramatically alter the look and feel of your app for the worse, and is not recommended.