Install your team app

The app that your team is building will not be made available through the usual app stores (e.g. Google Play) during the pilot project, so in order to install it on a mobile device you need to follow a slightly different process to normal.

This is not possible on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) as Apple Inc., only allow installation via the App Store, and so the process below only applies to Android tablets and phones.


To install the app that your team are building you will need to first download the app by clicking on the relevant link below:

Digital Justice App Team 1

Digital Justice App Team 2

This will download the app to your device, and you will then be prompted to install it. If you have previously downloaded the app you’ll be asked to confirm that you want the latest version.


To install the downloaded app simply click “Install” when prompted:

Depending on the version of Android installed on your device, you may find that you need to give permission for “Unknown apps” to be installed, or that you need to temporarily disable Google Play Protect. These features are designed to prevent unauthorised parties installing apps on your device, and can safely be set to their original settings when you have installed the Open Justice app.


To use the Open Justice app click on the “Open” link on the installation screen, or at any time just click the Open Justice icon on your home screen.


To uninstall the Open Justice app, long-press the icon on your home screen and select “Uninstall”.