Formatting and styling

To add content to a page, just type or cut-and-paste the text into the content box.

The visual appearance of the text is altered using the toolbar at the top of this box:

The controls on this toolbar are positioned on a number of lines as follows:

Toolbar top line


Add Media and Formidable (Forms)

The “Add Media” and “Formidable” buttons are described in the sections “Embedding images and videos” and “Creating forms” respectively.


Visual and Text tabs

The “Visual” and “Text” tabs on the far right enable you to see the content as the user sees it, or in the form that is sent to web browsers, which you should ignore unless you understand how to work with this format. Making changes through the “Text” view can damage the page appearance and is not advised.

Toolbar second line


The drop-down menu that usually shows “Paragraph” is used to identify different components of the content such as paragraphs and headings. To format text according to these styles you should first select the text to be formatted using your mouse and then select the appropriate format.


Bold and italic

You can format text in Bold and Italic (or even Bold Italic) using the “B” and “I” buttons – either click these before and after typing text, or select the text to be formatted and then click the relevant button(s).



Lists of items are formatted using the next two buttons, for bulleted and numbered lists respectively.

  • This is a bulleted list
  • It has two entries


  1. And this one is a numbered list
  2. This list also has two entries



The blockquote button is used to format quotations.

For example this text is formatted as a quote



The next three buttons are used to justify text.

This text is left-justified

This text is centred

And this text is right-justified.


This feature is described in “Linking between pages“.


Insert “Read more” tag

This feature is not used in the Open Justice app.


Toolbar Toggle

The “Toolbar Toggle” button expands the toolbar to a third line with additional features, described below.


Insert decision tree

Decision trees are described in “Creating decision trees“, and this button is used to embed an existing decision tree into the page at the position of the cursor.