Create menus

The vanilla team site that you begin with has one menu that allows users of your app to navigate to different features of the app. This is indicated by the “hamburger” icon and the title “Primary Menu”, and is normally closed as shown here:

Clicking on this menu bar displays the menu items:

Editing the menu

Menus are created and edited by choosing the “Appearance” option from the left-hand menu in the administrator view, and then selecting “Menus”:

The main menu administration screen is shown below and the important features as far as the Open Justice app project is concerned are discussed in the rest of this section. The other options on this screen are not required for this project (and not relevant in many cases).

Managing items on the menu

The pages in your app are shown in the “Pages” box on the screen.

  • To add a page simply select the checkbox beside the title and click the “Add to menu” button.
  • To remove a page from the menu click on the title in the “Menu Structure” box and select “Remove” from the options that appear.
  • The order of options on the menu can be changed by dragging and dropping them in the “Menu Structure” box.

Other menu items

Other types of menu items may be added by selecting the “Posts”, “Custom Links” and “Categories” options but these are not recommended for use in the Open Justice app project.

If you have a particular use case that requires any of these please discuss your proposals with your team manager first.

Multiple menus and multi-level menus

While it is possible to have more than one menu on your app, and to construct multi-level menus with sub-options it is recommended that you maintain only one single-level menu because the additional complexity can reduce the usability of your app and the ease with which users can navigate the features it offers.